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Your home screen explained- Dashboard

After you’ve logged into your Shoppi account you will be taken to your Dashboard or home screen.


From your home screen, you can access your sidebar by tapping the menu button in the top left hand corner.

You can also select which ‘Page’ you want to manage and change ‘GeoLocation’ settings by tapping the 3 dots on the top right hand corner.

Your dashboard has three windows that provide you with real time statistics about your mobile shop, orders, visitors and enquiries.


Real-time orders

This widget shows you what orders are currently in the pipeline. This way you will never lose track of orders and you can manage your work stream with ease. This is updated in real time and is split into 4 key infographics.

Paid - How many orders have been paid to date

In Wait - Orders that are pending and require some sort of action, i.e payment or dispatch

Dispatched - Orders that have been dispatched to the customer

Delay - Orders that have not been dispatched and are therefore delayed

These handy graphs let you know what actions you need to take immediately. Tapping on any one of these will take you to the more comprehensive ‘Orders’ section of your app. Here you can glean more specific info. All information is collated and presented for you which saves you committing unnecessary time to admin.


This nifty infographic will show you how many Shoppi shoppers have viewed your page. This is split out into people visiting on desktop, iOS and Android. So, if you have launched a new product or published a blog post, see whether you got a surge in traffic. Insights like this help you to make informed commercial decisions.



Shoppi is a social app with lots of activity. We have supplied you with an live infographic that will let you know if you have any enquiries, particularly ‘unanswered enquiries.’ This way you never miss a potential order or an opportunity to answer to feedback.


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We are very pleased with the service that you provide our company, I am now going to use your platform to promote all our range of products. We have found that the hair and the beauty products are very popular and would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your support.

Jane C. - Marketing

PowerSeed Europe

I'm currently taking care of the Powerseed brand around the world creating and improving the distribution. To find the best distributor in every country and providing new customers and channels to the existing ones is my mission. As holder of the EU Powerseed brand it is my task to make a strict selection of possible partner.

Bruno S. - VP Sales & Marketing

Hotel Nuovo Tirreno

Hotel Nuovo Tirreno, is the right place for your holidays in Versilia. It has been recently renovated and is situated in the main Piazza in Lido di Camaiore, only 20 metres from the beach and promenade. I've joined on Shoppi to manage my offers and keep engaged with my customers.

Teresa A. - Business Owner